Prostate Health

I was reading about a new supplement for men’s prostate health that included the infamous saw palmetto. Saw palmetto has actually long been used to promote the health and functionality of the male prostate gland, a tiny gland that hovers in the lower region of the male body, and is responsible for producing and housing semenal fluid.

The prostate gland is a primary health concern for men, especially as they age, because the prostate gland can actually enlarge and cause difficulties that are uncomfortable and even embarrassing for a man, such as difficulty urinating and even sometimes difficulty having sexual relations.

The biggest concern though of course is the big “c” word – cancer. Prostate cancer, while treatable and beatable in it’s earlier stages is actually harder to treat the longer it goes undetected. Men who have any difficulty urinating need to immediately get to the doctors because they may have an enlarged prostate gland.

Saw Palmetto is a cheap herb that has been known to help a man’s prostate gland by keeping it healthy and functioning in optimum condition. Some herbalists and naturopaths swear that it does promote prostate health.

Some may be quick to dismiss this, but this herbal remedy for prostate health has been around quite a while – do you really think it would have lasted this long if it had no merit?