Surveying the History of Herbal Medicine

The history of herbal medicine and more natural methods of healing goes back much, much further than scientific medicine. For example, there were basically what we would in modern day call “doctors” who used only the fruits of the earth, meaning natural herbs and botanicals from which to create their medicines and experiment with what plants had healing powers and which ones could be poisonous.

Herbal medicine predates the age of Christ, and for good reason. It was all we had to work with until scientific studies of ways to manipulate chemicals and combine them came into play. Heck, the first real records of surgeries only came into play a few hundred years ago, which is just a drop in the bucket considering the time earth has been here.

Of course, there were primitive surgeries most likely performed dating back thousands of years, but without any knowledge of the human organs and what could be fatal. Chances are these surgeries many times resulted in death (take for example primitive C sections).

Now, over the years, we’ve been fortunate enough to cultivate a newer, more broader understanding of what nature’s various plants can do for us. And the best thing is, we probably haven’t even touched the tip of the iceberg, since there are numerous plants, deep within jungles and remote areas which probably have not even been studied and catalogued by botanists, let alone named and identified as being therapeutic in any way.

We’ll go into the history of herbal medicine a little more later, because there are so many hallmarks to this important method of healing and health support. There are simply too many timelines to go over, and marks of improvement to cover in just one post.