Health Benefits of the Sea

We generally focus on herbs and herbal supplements here, but there are many topics that are adjacent to or overlap with the direction of herbal news which is increasing health and wellness. We don’t focus on exercise or meditation, but those are both healthy. We don’t focus on saunas or grass fed beef or organic eggs, but those are also healthy. While we have our strengths and our focus, it often hard to deny our next door neighbors who are also living in the same space, attending the same schools, and headed to the same place. So in this post, we are focusing on some of the wonderful and healthy things that you can get from the sea.

Himalayan Pink Salt

I suppose we are starting with a complaint about the sea today, but just a small one. If you are paying attention to herbal life, then you are no doubt familiar with Himalayan Pink Salt and it’s various health benefits. The short answer for what salt from the Himalayas has going for it that sea salt doesn’t is that it was stored long ago before we started contaminating the ocean with things like mercury. While there are only trace amount of heavy metals in salts, trace can sometimes add up. Fear not, you can get salt right out of the mountains and feel confident that you are sidestepping anything the ocean can’t. Plus, it’s super tasty.


We talk about this a fair amount as a supplemental herb, but seaweed (from the sea, wouldn’t you know) can also be consumed in other dry as well as wet forms. Chock full of minerals and antioxidants, seaweed is a very healthy consumable that has been around for obvious centuries and in the US for quite some time. There are just so many forms of seaweed that if you don’t happen to love the flavor, you can find the right format that fits your pallet. It is typically very salty, and if you are crafty in the kitchen, you can hold back on some salts for dishes that can contain seaweed.

Seafood in General

Here we are talking about sustainably caught, wild seafood and nothing farm raised. While there are some hazards out there with the high cholesterol levels of shrimp and we certainly all remember the dangers of eating blowfish. But there are a lot of other health benefits to eating seafoods that are high in omega 3s and good fats, not to mention lean proteins and oils. Getting more fish into your diet is a common anthem among men who are struggling with various forms of heart disease, specifically salmon and halibut and even black cod (not an actual cod) is climbing into the conversation. These sources are best sought close to wherever you are for freshness, but fear not you landlocked heroes, there are plenty of ways to compare and order seafood online these days.

That’s it for this particular segment, but depending on the feedback, we will circle back around and provide thoughts on other areas of our vast oceans.