The Importance of Antioxidants

I feel like maybe I take too many supplements. And I don’t even take a whole lot.  I know some people take ten or more a day, and that may seem excessive. My paltry 3-4 a day probably pale in comparison.  Over half the US population takes supplements according to an earlier story we reported on, so either it’s mass hysteria, or supplements really do improve our lives.

But I do notice that when I stop taking certain supplements, such as vitamin C or my antioxidant blends of astaxanthin or other antioxidant vitamin blends, I either get sick or I start to notice my skin doesn’t look so great or that I’m just feeling as healthy as I normally do.  This shows me that supplements really do make a difference.

No one can tell me that my vitamin D supplement doesn’t boost my immunity in an extreme way when a cold or flu is going around the office and somehow I miss it for the tenth time. Vitamin D is also used for cancer prevention.  Or when I do finally get a bug, the strain is so muted and not even that serious that I barely notice I’m sick before I’m getting over it.

How about vitamin C supplements like chewable vitamin C tablets or even products like Emergen-C? Lots of people swear by this vitamin to help get them through the winter cold and flu season around here in Ohio where I live since this season tends to be long as the winters are.

Other antioxidants are things like acai berry extract, cranberry extract, garlic, vitamin e, vitamin k, and folate.  Many women take these to help get them through pregnancy, and men take them to boost immunity and overall health, brain and body function, and even to boost their appearance to a healthy, vibrant one and increase longevity.

There all kinds of ways of adding antioxidants to your diet. Lemon water drinkers swear that they see a new clarity to their skin, and this may be due to the high vitamin and antioxidant value of lemon juice that is fresh squeezed. White tea is another great option.

Even though some in the medical establishment would poo-poo many supplements, there still is the question “why would so many people be totally deluded that a supplement helps them so much? There’s a difference between widespread delusion and downright physical evidence, which I feel has displayed itself over and over with the way people feel about their supplements.