What Herbal News is All About

When it comes to herbal and homeopathic remedies, sorting fact from fanaticism can be quite difficult. If you’ve had an interest in herbal news for a while, you can probably disregard claims of a panacea in the form of an ancient tea. However, some herbal remedies do work, and the world of herbal news seeks to push these stories to the top of our lists. With an oversaturation of contradictory stories about certain herbs and remedies, you are likely confused and in need of an objective, holistic resource.

Few herbal resources seek to combine science with the benefits of various herbal remedies. We at Herbal News are aiming to address this gap. Most of our stories concern recent discoveries regarding the healing or health-related benefits of popular herbs, but we also cover developments in recreational herbal use—CBD popularity, marijuana legalization, and herbal trends. If you’ve been doubting the claims of turmeric pushers, we have the resource you need. If you’re a lifelong ginseng advocate, you’re in the right place.